Mikalai Statkevich, Belarus, NH

Réunion du conseil de l'IS à Saint Domingue, 28-29 janvier 2019

Dear friends!

The world emotionally follows the dramatic struggle of the people of Venezuela for freedom. We see the consequences of authoritarian rule, with the goal of complete control over the country, instead of its free development.

Mr. Maduro’s methods of governance are largely borrowed from his friend, the Belarusian dictator. But Belarus is saved from economic collapse by the huge help of Russia, to which Mr. Lukashenko promised the “unification” of our countries. Because of the difference in size, this means absorption of Belarus by Russia.

Currently Russian aid is decreasing. But the Belarusian regime in response only increases social pressure on citizens and refuses the necessary reforms.

Tension in the country and hatred of the dictator are growing. The desire for change is stated by 80% of respondents.

We are looking for peaceful changes, the best way for which is fair elections. But the votes on the Belarusian “elections” have not been considered for a long time. In this issue Mr. Maduro is still very far from his teacher Lukashenko.

In order to avoid protests against brazen fraud in the "elections", the dictator now allows to run in the elections only fictitious rivals, who are ready to confirm his "victory".

At the proposition of our party, the “Belarusian National Congress” coalition nominated me as a presidential candidate. But the dictator has been prepared for this long time ago. After my release in 2015 from a 5-year imprisonment, the authorities for 8 years illegally prohibited me from participating in elections as a candidate.

The Belarusian people will no longer reconcile with the virtually un-alternative electoral farce instead of fair elections.

The next “elegant victory” of the dictator can finish in people`s uprising. In the region will appear another hotbed of conflict.

We will demand the restoration of my constitutional right to participate in elections and the democratization of electoral legislation. We want Belarusians to get a chance on a peaceful path of changes.

People's Hramada appeals for solidarity to all fraternal parties. First of all, we ask the parties whose countries are represented on the UN Human Rights Committee to speed up the consideration of the statement of my unlawful conviction.

We appeal to the parties from EU states. The help of your governments to the Belarusian dictator, hated by the people, without real concessions on his part discredits the ideals of democracy and the EU itself in the eyes of Belarusian people. Demand the full implementation of the conditions for starting the dialogue with of the EU with the dictator - not only the release, but also the rehabilitation of all political prisoners. As well as putting an end to the repressions against activists and independent media

I also appeal to our colleagues from “A Just Russia” (Fair Russia). Any responsible political forces of Belarus are ready to take into account the national interests of your country. But we demand to take into account the interests of our people, their right to independence, freedom and national development, including the right on the turnover of power.

Of course, your generals are tempted to use our struggle against the dictatorship and intervene with the aim of getting the territory of the “strategic balcony”, which they consider Belarus. But our people will not accept the attack on the independence of the country and the attempts to return the hated dictator on foreign bayonets. And then the sympathies of the majority of Belarusians to Russia will turn in the opposite, and the “Belarusian balcony” will turn into a “cauldron”. This has happened in our history.

Only mutual respect of rights allows us to create a reliable and long-term basis for a strategic partnership between our peoples.

I ask the delegation of “A Just Russia” (Fair Russia) to convey this message to the leadership of your country.

Dear friends! Despite the conflicts that tear apart our planet, the attempts of dictators in different parts of the world to suppress people's will for freedom and justice, the course of history is inexorable. Thanks to human dignity and solidarity, the cause of freedom will prevail throughout the world.