Anna Lindh 1957 - 2003

L'Internationale Socialiste pleure la disparition d'Anna Lindh

L'Internationale Socialiste exprime sa plus grande tristesse et profond regret suite à l'immense perte d'Anna Lindh, ministre des Affaires étrangères de la Suède, l'un des membres dirigeants du Parti Social-Démocrate Suédois, et un membre estimé et très respecté de la famille de l'Internationale Socialiste, qui est morte aujourd'hui après avoir été horriblement attaquée par un assaillant inconnu, hier à Stockholm.

Anna Lindh était connue tout au long de sa carrière pour son engagement passionné en faveur du renforcement des valeurs de la social-démocratie dans son propre pays, en Europe et partout dans le monde, son dévouement envers les jeunes, artisans potentiels d'un meilleur futur, et sa capacité à embrasser le positif pendant les moments les plus difficiles. Le lègue d'Anna Lindh sera profond car elle était parvenue à faire la différence.

L'Internationale Socialiste transmet ses plus profondes sympathies à sa famille, au Parti Social-Démocrate Suédois et au peuple de Suède, et est convaincue au plus profond de son cœur que sa vie et son travail continueront au travers de la vie de tous ceux qu'elle a touchés sur son chemin.


Déclaration du Primer ministre suédois, Göran Persson, suite à la disparition du ministre des Affaires étrangères, Anna Lindh, jeudi 11 septembre 2003

It was with great sorrow I learnt that Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Anna Lindh, died this morning at 5.29 a.m. from the injuries she suffered in yesterday’s attack.

Our thoughts go to Anna’s family, her husband Bo, her children and other close relatives.

We all share in their grief.

It feels unreal.
It is difficult to fully comprehend.

Anna Lindh was here in our midst so recently.
Committed, quick-thinking, straightforward.
Ready to debate and discuss, to go out onto the streets and campaign.

And now she is gone, torn away from us.
Torn from the democratic cause she valued so highly.
Torn away in the midst of her endeavours, long sustained, informed by respect for others and inspiring their respect.

Her international commitment, going all the way back as it did to her days in the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League, made her a much appreciated colleague in international connections.

Among foreign ministers she quickly gained recognition and respect. She was known for her commitment, drive and expertise.

Last evening and during the night, friends and colleagues from all over the world expressed their sorrow and dismay.

Sweden is known for its openness and democracy, seen as a democratic society where the distance between people and their representatives is and must be small. A tolerant and uniquely cohesive society.

Anna Lindh was a good representative of all of this.
The attack on her has dealt a blow to the society we have built and want to live in.
It undermines trust in society.

That is why it is so important that this crime is quickly cleared up.

It is natural to feel anger and to look for explanations in a situation like this.

How could this happen?
We want a society where everyone can move about freely and safely — even a foreign minister.
We want a society where everyone is safe.

What we need to do now is to come together.

A democratic society can never be defended in any other way.
We must show resolve and unite around the values we want Sweden to embody.

This is the only way in which we can honour Anna Lindh.
It was to democracy and freedom she was most committed.
It was the cause of peace and solidarity that she made her own.

This we must never forget.

Anna Lindh has left us.

Her children have lost their mother and her husband has lost his wife.
The Social Democratic Party has lost one of its most skilful politicians.
The Government has lost an experienced minister and a good colleague.

Sweden has lost one of its foremost representatives, our face to the world.

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